Training smart repair and vehicle care

Glass repair:

An alternative to replacing a windscreen with a stone chip is to repair this component, provided the damage is not in the driver's field of vision. Due to the labour and cost savings of repairing the laminated glass, this is the preferred method. Training is given in filling the stone chips with a special resin to eliminate visual defects and restore the stability of the windscreen.

BlechWunder training leather repair

Leather repair:

Leather is increasingly used in the interior of higher-value vehicles in particular. Leather is subject to a natural ageing process due to abrasion and cracking, which greatly reduces its value. Replacing the damaged leather parts is usually out of the question due to the resulting high costs. A repair is therefore the most sensible procedure to restore the value of the vehicle. Training is provided for the restoration of the components.
In fact, leather can be repaired relatively easily. In our "Smart-Repair" training workshop, our instructors teach the necessary content in a clear and easy-to-understand manner to enable you to benefit from this knowledge in the future.

BlechWunder training car refurbishment

Car refurbishment:

Car paintwork is subject to natural wear and tear. Strong sunlight, fine scratches and weathering make the paintwork appear dull and cracked. Using modern polishing machines and special car polishes, the paintwork is smoothed and sealed, thus restoring the protective function and visual value of the vehicle. The interior is professionally cleaned. In this process, even intensive soiling is removed by professional cleaning equipment.
Ultimately, the aim of vehicle reconditioning is to enhance the value of the vehicle. It should be brought as close as possible to its new condition. Training is provided in our "Smart-Repair" training workshop using the latest equipment and machines. Our instructors use easy-to-understand teaching material to help you decide which procedure and which cleaning agents to use, and to show you the right way to go about it.

Installation and removal of fairings:

The installation and removal of fairings serves to improve the accessibility of the repair points and is learnt on various motor vehicle models. Our instructors show how the repair points can be reached and how components, e.g. panels, insulation mats, etc. are removed or installed.

Order acceptance and processing:

You will learn how to accept orders, how to process orders and how to invoice dealers, private individuals and insurance companies. You will receive appropriate forms from us as aids.
We will teach you how to prepare calculations using the latest calculation systems.
The procedure for insured motor vehicle damage is presented in detail as a case study from acceptance to invoicing. Since our calculation software is largely identical to the systems used by experts, you will be able to understand and safely implement expert reports in the future. This content is taught in our seminar room, which has the necessary equipment for presenting the training content. All contents are taught in such a way that a strong reference to the workflow in motor vehicle operations is presented. With the support of forms, the learning content can be conveyed easily and safely and is an aid for future work processes.

After the training:

We provide sustainable support for the integration process. For example, we help with the preparation of the application portfolio, establish contacts with employers and accompany participants to the interview if necessary. In this way, we ensure that integration into the labour market succeeds quickly and sustainably. Even after you have taken up employment, we are at your disposal with advice and assistance, thus ensuring your long-term success in your new job.

Integration into our network:

Experienced smart repair specialists will continue to provide you with advice and support to ensure your success.

Course start / entry:

Individual start. You are not bound to any fixed starting dates. You can join our training courses at short notice.

Our training offers to become a smart repair specialist:

  • The following training course is 100% eligible for funding by Jobcenter / Agentur für Arbeit:
    • BlechWunder Dellentechnik is AZAV-certified
      Measure: Identification and knowledge transfer smart repair and vehicle maintenance
      • 3 weeks / 120 units of aptitude assessment
      • 8 weeks / 320 units of knowledge transfer
        (conforms to § 45 para. 2 p. 3 SGB III)
      • Access requirements are an interest in motor vehicles and basic manual skills
      • Instruction times are Mondays to Thursdays from 9:00 to 16:00 and Fridays from 7:30 to 14:30.
BlechWunder training courses are AZAV-certified.

100% cost absorption by job centre, employment agency and pension insurance possible!

As an approved training provider, BlechWunder Dellentechnik Rüdiger Spies offers you certified training courses in accordance with AZAV in the field of dent technology, smart repair and vehicle care.
Our training can be 100% funded by the employment agency, job centre or pension insurance.