Training smart repair and vehicle care

Training contents:

All our training courses to become a smart repair specialist include not only the teaching of technical skills but also the absolutely necessary knowledge in the commercial and organisational areas. A friendly and open approach to our training participants forms the basis for being able to respond individually to your questions and problems.

Before the training:

Every participant has specific and individual questions. Therefore, we offer individual counselling for every interested person. Just ask for a consultation appointment! We will be happy to help.
The decision to pursue further education is a decisive step for your future success. We accompany you intensively from the very beginning!

BlechWunder dent technician training

Dent technique:

Dent removal without painting is one of the innovative repair methods (aka smart repair) and is now required as a repair method by insurance companies and clients. The dent doctor removes dents and dings from the sheet metal of motor vehicles without having to paint components. Here, innovation additionally meets efficiency, because due to the cost savings of up to 70 % and the reduced depreciation of the vehicle, this method often proves to be the optimal repair method in all respects.

BlechWunder training spot repair

Spot Repair Paint Technique:

Spot repair is a smart repair method for paint damage on vehicles. Small to medium paint damage to the bodywork is repaired in spots - usually without dismantling the affected parts. The spot method is primarily used to repair components such as bumpers, wing mirrors and mudguards. Special paint mixing systems for very small quantities allow the closest possible approximation to the original colour. The aim of spot repair is to achieve the most perfect repair possible with a minimum of effort. In addition to using the paint spray gun, the training participants also learn how to paint using special spray cans. The spot repair process is fast, efficient and cost-effective, and is therefore now favoured as a repair method. Training takes place in our "Spot-Repair" training workshop, which offers an optimal learning environment. Our Spot-Repair instructors are experienced technicians who will teach you the necessary knowledge and skills in a pleasant atmosphere.

Scratch Repair:

Scratch removal by sanding and polishing in the clear coat followed by filling. Participants learn the options for repairing paint damage without repainting. Participants learn these activities in our "Spot-Repair" training rooms. Scratch repair is characterised by fast and effective value restoration.


Different objectives can be pursued when foiling components:

  • Optical upgrading of the vehicle through accentuation.
  • Protective function for heavily used vehicle segments.
  • Increase comfort, for example when using tinted and / or heat-insulating films in the window area.
The lessons take place in our "Smart-Repair" training workshop and quickly and effectively impart knowledge about vehicle foiling.

Plastic repair:

Plastic components, such as bumpers or mirror trim, tend to break and/or crack when damaged. In order to prevent the replacement of these cost-intensive components, the repair is trained. Participants learn these activities in our "Spot Repair" training rooms. This repair method is also characterised by fast and effective value restoration.

BlechWunder training courses are AZAV-certified.

100% cost absorption by job centre, employment agency and pension insurance possible!

As an approved training provider, BlechWunder Dellentechnik Rüdiger Spies offers you certified training courses in accordance with AZAV in the field of dent technology, smart repair and vehicle care.
Our training can be 100% funded by the employment agency, job centre or pension insurance.