Interview Melanie Böhme

"You feel like part of the team" - Impressions of a trainee vehicle caregiver

Interview with Melanie Böhme from Dortmund

BlechWunder: In which areas did you work before?
Melanie: I was a florist for four years.

BlechWunder: What made you decide to attend BlechWunder's advanced training in vehicle maintenance?
Melanie: I was in the mood for something new. The subject interested me, even though I had little to do with cars before.

BlechWunder: How did you become aware of BlechWunder?
Melanie: Through a flyer at the employment agency.

BlechWunder: How did the application for further training at the Employment Agency go?
Melanie: First I went to BlechWunder and had the training contents explained to me. At this appointment, they also showed me the different training workshops and gave me the opportunity to talk to the instructors and training participants.
I was given the necessary documents for my case worker. Shortly afterwards I got the OK and could start.

BlechWunder: What was your first impression of BlechWunder?
Melanie: A super team! I felt in good hands right from the start. I already had a sense of achievement in the first few days, which gave me additional motivation. The content is taught calmly and purposefully. I get on very well with the lecturers and my classmates. It's simply fun to learn.

BlechWunder: What are you learning right now in the training course?
Melanie: Right now I am in vehicle preparation. After one week, I have already mastered vehicle preparation well. In the next few days, I will learn the dent technique, spot painting and the removal and installation of vehicle trim. I'm particularly looking forward to that, because as a trained florist, this is absolutely new territory for me.

BlechWunder: What do you particularly like about the training?
Melanie: You feel like part of the team. The interaction with each other is just great, so learning is fun. I would always choose this training again. I recommend anyone who is interested to overcome their inhibitions and take advantage of this great opportunity.

BlechWunder: What are your goals after the training?
Melanie: I would like to work in the field of vehicle maintenance, dent technology and spot repair.
The coaches at BlechWunder are great at helping me make the necessary contacts with employers.