Interview Hussein Taha

"Fortune beckons to the brave!"

Interview with Hussein Taha from Bad Friedrichshall

BlechWunder: Why did you decide to learn smart repair and dent technology?
Hussein: My previous professional activities were always closely linked to cars. I simply enjoy working on vehicles. But for a secure existence it is necessary to have expert knowledge. Smart repair technicians are sought-after employees with a high reputation in the automotive industry.

BlechWunder: Today you have successfully completed your further training and received your certificate. What do you now hope for in your professional future?
Hussein: I would like to become a permanent fixture in the smart repair industry. Especially the dent repair technique suits me very well. I am very happy and motivated and will now attack. At this point, I would also like to thank my instructors, who always supported me and also helped me when things were a bit more difficult. Basically, I really enjoyed the training at BlechWunder and the weeks flew by. I can only recommend the training and I am very happy that I chose this path.
For me it is now true: You can achieve anything! Fortune beckons to the brave!

BlechWunder: Have you already made contact with possible employers?
Hussein: Yes, I have already had discussions with car dealerships and workshops during the training. I see my chances of getting a permanent job in the short term as high. In any case, my interview partners showed great interest.

BlechWunder: We are pleased to hear that, Hussein. We wish you good luck for your future. If you have any questions or need support, please get in touch. We'll be happy to help you in the future as well.
Hussein: I know you will, thank you very much. I promise that I will keep in touch with you. Thank you again for everything.